Vise Grip #8R


The Vice Grip #8R manufactured by Irwin Industrial Tools, an American Tool company can be purchased many places on the web and at many local tool shops. Grip #82) has the tool at a competitive price, shipping is free if you buy 2; one for each side of the bend.

As mentioned, the sharp edges of the plier's jaws may be filed down to a radius and then coated with a protective hard rubber coating; shown below.

Vice Grip pliers with yellow Plasit Dip applied.

We have found that Plasti Dip works well as a plier jaw coating. It is durable and stays on longer than some of the other coatings we have tested. After rounding the jaw edges and solvent cleaning them, dip the jaws 3 or 4 times to build-up a good coat. Allow each coat to harden as the instructions on the can direct. Tip: adjust the jaws to an open position for dipping. Also available at Dip) in black.