Dashboard Disassembly Information

If you encounter a dashboard that you are unfamiliar with or are having difficulty with a particular dash you may visit one of the links below for possible assistance. Please note that these companies are not affiliated with Haltof Product Design and the information contained at these sites is not, in any way, authorized by Haltof Product Design. This information should be used at the installers discretion.

Some background: Pro.fit International pioneered a line of (dashboard-specific) mounting brackets that, as with the Fits-ALL, allow a metal bracket to be securely attached to a dashboard without adding visible holes to the dash. PanaVise followed with their own line of (dashboard-specific) mounting brackets. Both companies produce a quality product that, for the top 10 or 20 most popular vehicles, is the bracket to turn to. For ALL the others, consider the Fits-ALL!

The Fits-ALL addresses a thorny problem associated with the 150 or so less popular vehicles: the inventory costs of keeping them in stock, and the small-order costs of quickly getting the less popular bracket shipped in.

Keeping a supply of Fits-ALLs in stock allows the capable install shop to have one visit turnaround for ALL of their customers. The result is HAPPY CUSTOMERS!! ... AND ... Happy customers COME BACK to buy more stuff!

The links:




Remember,  having a Fits-ALL in stock is like having Babe Ruth on the bench!